Heimwerker Praxis magazine: total score 1.3 for Extrema 300/10 Pro

Besides the Maxima 400 SX , which has already been tested by and likewise received an excellent score (1.4) from Germany’s Heimwerker Praxis magazine, a second T.I.P. dirty water pump has now entered the fray.

In February 2018, the Extrema 300/10 Pro was put through its paces in a comprehensive test. With impressive results!

It made an especially big impression with its high-quality stainless steel construction, along with its 19,500 l/h delivery rate and 10.5 metre static head. Being well above those of the other suppliers, these figures put the Extrema 300/10 Pro among the top products in the group tested. In addition this submersible dirty water pump featured the most powerful motor among the contenders (1,200 watts).

The Extrema 300/10 Pro performed brilliantly not only in theory but also in practice. In comparison with the other test appliances, its delivery rate showed the least decline at 5 metres of static head. Its smooth running and overall good performance are especially noteworthy.

With TOP scores in the areas of pump capacity, delivery rate, operation and equipment, our Extrema 300/10 Pro prevailed against some strong competition and scored 1.3 overall.

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