Very high score – 8.6 – for Integra 8000 from submersible pump expert Chris Donner

Chris Donner from the German submersible pump site knows his stuff, and has certainly tested quite a few appliances, especially submersible pumps, in his time. In this test he put the Integra 8000 submersible drainage pump through its paces and ended up with very positive results.

With stand-out scores for ratio of price to performance (9.2/10) and delivery rate (9.4/10) in particular, this submersible pump performed very well. It was tested in a rain barrel and on flat suction.

Chris gave very good feedback on both tests. The high suction was very noticeable. The pump can also be used in wells at a static head of 7 metres without a problem.

Thanks to its vertical hose connection, the pump is also perfectly suited to use in narrow drainage shafts, wells, or small rain butts.

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