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Company profile and philosophy

T.I.P. Technische Industrie Produkte GmbH, based in Waibstadt, Germany, was established in 1978 and over almost four decades has grown into a medium-sized international group of companies. The T.I.P. Group is a leading European supplier of systems for water pumps, pond filters and other sophisticated industrial products.

When choosing the products that make up our ranges, we made quality our absolute priority from the outset. One of the cornerstones of T.I.P. Group quality is that we develop our water pumps and tools ourselves with our customers’ requirements in mind.

We set up our own production facility back in 1996. It has been ISO 9001-certified for many years, and product development is strictly monitored by our product and quality management team in Germany. Thus we ensure very high production- and product quality in line with high European quality standards.

Along with high-quality products, T.I.P. offers customers an excellent ratio of price to performance. We also ensure our customers’ satisfaction by meeting the needs of our markets and customers needs through innovation and reliability.

In addition, we pursue the evolution of our products in partnership with leading organisations. For our customers who so require, we can supply every product together with the relevant quality certificates.

T.I.P. products are available throughout Europe from major hardware stores and other retailers for whom compliance with high safety and quality standards is a prime concern. Our range has also been available for many years from all major online retailers.

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