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Our own production facility

In 1996, with the aim of taking full control over the quality of our products and their production processes, we set up our own production facility. Westlands Ltd. is based in Zhuhai, China, and specialises in the development and manufacturing of water pumps, motors, wood processing machines, tile saws and masonry saws along with machines tailored to customers’ specific requirements.

Our production facility has been ISO 9001-certified for many years and meets the highest quality standards. Product development is strictly monitored by our product and quality management team in Germany. Thus we ensure very high production- and product quality in line with strict European quality standards.

Our extensive experience allows us to identify market- and customer needs early and cater to them in our product ranges.

The close connection with our production facility means that innovations can be implemented rapidly.

The evolution of our products continues in partnership with leading organisations. Where customers so require, we can supply every product together with the requested quality certificates.

Having our own production facility allows us to offer our customers an excellent ratio of price to performance.

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