With our many service partners throughout Europe we can offer you a lot and promise one thing - we are there for you when you need us!

Our service promise

Our service centre is in Waibstadt, Germany. Here we handle all repairs and service for the German market. Our German headquarters also coordinates all service at international level. This includes training for our European service partners, in order to guarantee the same high service quality in all European countries.

Replacement parts guaranteed available for 10 years

Our products meet high standards of quality and reliability. However, even our products are subject to normal wear, which means that replacement parts will be needed. With this in mind, we’d like to le you know about an exceptional service much valued by our customers: we guarantee the availability of replacement parts for 10 years. You can obtain replacement parts from us for all products up to ten years old, counting from the date of purchase, without any problem.

On this homepage you’ll find replacement parts lists and prices along with exploded drawings of our products in digital files.

We deliver replacement parts speedily through our European distribution system. We have contracts with our own service partners in nearly every European country.

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