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The advantages of a domestic water pump

Your well-being matters to us!

The water pump as the heart of your home

The heart is the elite athlete of the human body’s organs, pumping about 300 litres of blood an hour (!) through our veins.
The water pump in a house works in a similar way. This is why we pay special attention to quality and precision when we are designing and manufacturing our pumps, as only a powerful and durable booster sets allows stress-free living.
Did you know that

  • our booster sets have been specially developed for full domestic water supply with service water?
  • T.I.P. booster sets are ideal for water supply from wells or cisterns?
  • our booster sets are also excellent for use as pressure boosters?

You’ll find detailed information on the heart of your domestic water supplyhere. We offer a wide range of booster sets in a variety of materials and performance classes, and we make sure that the right product is available for each area of use. Our virtual product advisor is an indispensable guide to choosing the right pump.

Have fun!

Best wishes from Waibstadt

The T.I.P. Team