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T.I.P. tip: natural fertiliser from eggshells

Whoever wants to make a good cake needs seven things – eggs and lard, butter and salt, milk and flour, . . . and where do the eggshells go afterwards? If your answer to this question is “In the bin, of course!” then please keep reading.

Instead of going in the bin, eggshells should be used as natural fertiliser! Eggshells are up to 90% calcium, and calcium neutralises soil acidity, which promotes nutrient uptake in plants. Hence this vegetable fertiliser is especially suitable for calcium-loving plants like beans or tomatoes.

Here is how to make a low-cost, environmentally friendly alternative to chemical fertilisers in four steps:

  1. Wash out the eggshells. This is important to avoid the spread of bacteria.
  2. Dry the eggshells in the air.
  3. Grind the eggshells in a mixer
  4. Mix the powdered eggshells into the soil and water copiously

Have fun working in your garden!

Best wishes from Waibstadt

The T.I.P. Team