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No more nasty algae in your pool or garden pond

Say goodbye to nasty algae

The solution is a pond/pool vacuum cleaner

You come back from a well-deserved holiday and find that algae have taken over your pool/garden pond. This doesn’t just look nasty; it means extra work. Unfortunately, high summer temperatures, and possibly poor maintenance, promote unwanted algae build-up.
We’d like to help you get your pool/garden pond in shape, and we have a T.I.P. solution ready for you right now.
Regularly using a pool/pond cleaner will keep your pond/pool clean. Our cleaner helps you remove coarse dirt like sludge, leaves, plant debris, algae and other deposits from the bottom of your pool or pond. We recommend our high-performance HNB 1600 E, which will put a shine on your pond/pool!
The 1600 watt motor enables extra-efficient working and gives you the option of automatic operation, in which suction and drainage are performed for set time intervals under electronic control. The long hose and the extension tubes ensure plenty of flexibility and ample reach. The appliance is easy and convenient to transport with its carrying handle and sturdy rollers. Here’s to successful cleaning.

Have fun in your garden!

Sunny wishes from Waibstadt

The T.I.P. Team