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Effective pool care

Your dream – a pool in your own garden

When summer temperatures are at their hottest, we’d all like to have our own pool in the garden. The dream of enjoying bathing in cool, clear water is shattered however, when we think about the effort involved in pool care.
Yes, of course a pool needs regular, thorough maintenance, but our tips and special tools will make pool care like child’s play.

Tip no. 1: the right pool care chemicals
The higher the water temperature during the pool season, the more pool care chemicals should be used in order to keep the pH value of the water within a healthy range. We recommend testing the pH value several times a week. The ideal pH value lies between 7.0 and 7.4.

Tip no. 2: regularly circulate pool water
To prevent algae growth during high summer temperatures, we recommend checking the water quality regularly. If need be, use an algaecide. You should also circulate the pool water at least twice a day to prevent the build-up of algae and bacteria.

Tip no. 3: use a pool cover
A cover for your pool is advisable in our opinion because it means less dirt will get into the pool, keeping the water cleaner. A T.I.P. solar cover on your pond will not only heat your pool water using the sun’s energy but at the same time reduce evaporation. A solar cover can LOWER YOUR HEATING COSTS BY UP TO 70%.

What’s more, we have a useful solution to stop your pool from turning into a hotbed for algae. You’ll find more information on this and further useful tools for your pool here

Have fun in your garden!

Best wishes from Waibstadt

The T.I.P. Team