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Things to be aware of when watering the garden

Proper garden watering

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Do you know what the right time to water is and what determines how much water any given plant needs? In this post we discuss what you should bear in mind when watering.
Garden care begins and ends with proper watering. Too much water can do your plants more harm than good.
The optimum water dose basically depends on the type of plant. For example Mediterranean plants require less water than tropical ones and are watered only when the soil is dry.
On the other hand recently planted seedlings and flowers need more water because adequate root formation is the prime concern. In general it is advisable to water plants sparingly, so as to save yourself unnecessary work, as many plants quickly get accustomed to having large amounts of water.
We recommend watering plants in the early morning or before sunrise, as this the coolest time and the water can reach the roots more easily. A time-controlled watering system is handy for people who prefer to stay longer in bed. But even watering in the early morning a few hours after sunrise is enough.
As watering in intense sunlight will cause sunburning on plant leaves, we recommend that you avoid watering at noontime. It is also uneconomical to water at this time of day, as rapid evaporation leads to unnecessary water consumption.
In addition, it is not advisable to water plants in the evening, as moisture can attract snails during the night and overnight dampness can trigger fungal infections.

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