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Correctly installing a deep well pump

1. Tie the rope to the lug

Tie the rope securely to the lug with a knot.

2. Attach the hose

Attach the pump hose to the pressure connection.

3. Lower the pump

Carefully lower the pump using the rope. Important: please do not use the cable to lower the pump.

One metre from the bottom

Make sure that the pump does not rest on the underground surface. It must be at least one meter above the bottom. If the pump is in contact with the underground surface, it will clog up with sand.

Properly constructed drilled well

A properly constructed well consists of two different types of pipe – PVC solid wall pipe and PVC filter pipe.

In contrast to PVC solid wall pipe, PCV filter pipe has slits in it. Water can enter only through these slits.

The pump is positioned in a PVC solid wall pipe. Above and below the pump there is a section of PVC filter pipe.

The water is filtered through the quartz sand.