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Quick test – sand in your well


Follow these instructions to do a simple test for sand in your well.

After correctly installing your T.I.P. deep well pump, test the water. To do this you need a bucket that can hold 10 litres and a 1 euro cent coin.

1) Fill the bucket with 10 litres of water. Important: ensure that the water enters at the edge of the bucket. This will cause a swirl to form in the middle of the bucket, where any sand will be deposited.

2) The 1 cent test: the amount of sand deposited in the bucket must not be more than the size of a 1 cent coin. A larger amount means that there is too much sand in the well.

That seems like a small amount – and it is!

If there is even a little more than this amount, do not use the deep well pump, or it will clog up with sand.

Quick test video

Here is a video of the quick test


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