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Advice on battery disposal

Batteries must not be disposed of in household waste. Consumers must take used batteries to retailers or disposal facilities run by local authorities. There is no charge for handing batteries in at these locations. For details of the regulations on disposal of batteries, see the next section.

Revised responsibilities regarding waste batteries

Most electrical appliances are supplied with batteries. In connection with the sale of these batteries, we as a retailer are obliged by the Batteriegesetz (German Batteries Act) to draw our customers’ attention to the following:

Disposing of batteries in household waste is strictly prohibited by the Batteriegesetz. Therefore please dispose of used batteries legally by taking them to a local authority collection point or handing them in to a local retailer (you will not be charged), to allow raw materials and possible pollutants to be processed properly. Used batteries that are or have been part of our range can be handed in free of charge to us at the following address or sent back to us. This applies to quantities of batteries that end users would normally dispose of.

The obligation to dispose of batteries correctly is indicated by the crossed-out bin symbol printed on all battery packaging. In addition, you will see the chemical symbols for cadmium (Cd), lead (Pb) or mercury (Hg), if these substances are in concentrations above threshold values.

By disposing of batteries correctly, you are making a major contribution to protecting the environment.

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Crossed-out bin with chemical symbol for Cadmium (Cd)

Crossed-out bin with chemical symbol for lead (Pb)

Crossed-out bin with chemical symbol for mercury (Hg)

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