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Vegetable garden

Working in the vegetable garden

Work starts in the vegetable garden. The first sowing and planting outdoors in the vegetable garden is usually done at the end of February and the end of March. The first species planted are usually carrots, spinach, red radishes and white radishes. The best time for the first sowing depends on the location and climate. It should be noted that, for example, in the north-west of Germany’s mild winter climate, work can start earlier than it can in the continental climate of South-East Bavaria.

You’ll know it’s the right moment for sowing when the soil begins to dry out at the surface and no longer smudges. Note that the first plantings need to be covered for protection. At the end of February, you can also begin planting shallots, pearl onions, onion bulbs and garlic.

Have fun working in your garden!

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