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Winter-proofing your garden pump – points to note

Surviving the winter

Important for garden pumps

Your garden pump does the all the work of watering the garden from spring till autumn. For it to survive the cold part of the year intact, some precautions have to be taken. The actions required naturally depend on the type of pump.
A wide range of pumps is available. In our experience, the preferred models are electric water pumps, which draw water from wells via suction lines, and well pumps, which are submersed in well shafts.
If your submersible pump is installed in a well shaft, normally there’s nothing more you need to do. It is important though to ensure that the well shaft is not left uncovered, is deeper than one metre, and cannot freeze up. As long as this is the case, you are ready for the winter.
If you are using a garden pump with a suction line, you should disconnect the line beforehand. In many cases these pumps, for the sake of mobility, are installed without protection from frost. You should therefore let all water out of the pump with the drain screw. After that, store your pump away in a dry place protected from frost. Do not leave supply lines full of water, as many pump supply lines are fitted with a check valve. To avoid an unwelcome surprise in the spring, we recommend that you open the check valves and let the water drain away. Once that’s done, there’ll be nothing to stop you from using your garden pump again next spring.

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